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Australia Part 3: The Kings Canyon - Solo Traveler’s Journal #7

Great times don’t last forever, and so here is the final part of my Australian backpacking trip. Continuing from my part 2 post, where we left off after 2 days adventuring around Uluru and the Kata Tjuta.

Today, me and Aurelie (a friend I met along the way) began our journey in a very early morning, where we (once again) were the last to arrive at the coach waiting for us (in our defense, it was 4:30 in the morning!). We took off to a trip I had been anticipating since the beginning, the Rim Walk of the Kings Canyon in the Wataka National Park near Alice Springs. What made this trip so special was that most of the tours I’ve been seem to be catering for casual travelers, not adventurers. This tour however was different and you will see why.

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Get Your Backpack Ready,
Your Bucket List is about to go Mobile

Today, we are excited to officially announce our long anticipated BucketListly iPhone app. As some of you may know, we’ve been testing our app thoroughly for a couple of months now and with the release of version 1.02, we believe it is now ready for prime time.

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So grab your backpack, and let’s tackle the world with BucketListly. Here are a few things you can do with our app:

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Australia Part 2 - Uluru & the Kata Tjuta
- A Solo Traveler’s Journal #7

Continuing from where we left off on Australia Part 1 photo essay, where I started off my Australian backpacking trip in Sydney, doing urban walks, was mesmerized by the backpacker community, and enjoyed the city life I don’t usually like.

Today, we took off to Ayers Rock where the infamous Uluru mountain is located and answer this question once and for all, "Is Uluru worth a visit?". You will soon realize that Uluru is not just a single rock in the middle of a desert like most locals (who’ve never been there) claimed.

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Budget Tips: Travel to Uluru (Ayers Rock) without breaking the bank

Last month, I got a chance to visit one of the most beautiful natural monument in Australia, the Uluru (Ayers Rock). As some of you may know, traveling in Australia can get expensive real fast, and Uluru is no exception, but there are some ways you can save costs and still enjoy everything the Australian Outback has to offer. Today, I will list all the things I learned first hand that I wish I knew so you can plan your trip a little easier.

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Australia Part 1 - Sydney’s Urban Walk - A Solo Traveler’s Journal #7

In February 2014, I had a chance to revisited my childhood travel. Australia was the first country I had ever set foot on outside of Thailand when I was 8 and I was excited to see how my childhood memory differs from the reality.

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"People Think I’m Rich"

As a traveler, for some reason, people usually associate me with wealth and freedom, which is something I am aspired to do, but I am far from being rich nor do I have plenty of free times.

On the surface, it may seem that the lifestyle I chose came by easily but in truth, it was years of work, fighting against norms and in the end took the leap of faith and chose myself.

I came from a society where people worship big companies as the only path to wealth and freedom. I know this, because I used to be that person. I tried to get into big companies like Microsoft just for the sake of decorating my resume in hopes that it would propelled me in a better direction. I used to work until 2 AM for a promotion I never had. As you may have guessed, those did not go well, and I ended up feeling burned out.. in my early 20s! Now, I’m happier than ever before. I work on my businesses while traveling the world one country at a time. What changed? How can you do the same? I asked myself this question and here are what I did differently:

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The Bad Side About Traveling
They Don’t Tell You About

Have you ever come back from a great trip traveling the world, to find yourself feeling depressed afterward? Why is it that when we had such a great time, we ended up feeling very sad? It’s called the post travel depression and today we will explore this feeling together, why it exists, and how you can deal with it.

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Photo Essay - ZhangJiaJie (Avatar’s Mountains), China Part 2/2 - Solo Traveler’s Journal #6

Continuing from part 1, where we left off at the end of the first day in ZhangJiaJie national park. Let’s explore the second part of this wonderful landscape together. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Looking for part 1 of this post? Click here.

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3 Days Itinerary - ZhangJiaJie Mountains, China

After a 3 days trip to ZhangJiaJie, China traveling alone, I can say that it wasn’t as overwhelming as expected. Information in English about this place is very limited and that may have contributed to the early stress I had while planning the trip. To ease this for anyone who are interested in traveling to ZhangJiaJie, I have compiled all the activities I did into an itinerary that you can easily follow to get the most out of it.

2 days in ZhangJiaJie national park and a day at the Tianmen mountain is more than enough to see most of the attractions but if you want to fully explore this mystical place, give your self 3 days at the ZhangJiaJie national park. If your level of fitness is moderate or high, do opt in for a walk (going down mountains is easier) instead of easier routes via elevators and cable cars to fully explore all the trails and the hidden gems this place got to offer.

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Photo Essay - ZhangJiaJie (Avatar’s Mountains), China Part 1/2 - Solo Traveler’s Journal #6

We’re back for another round of the BucketListly Solo Traveler’s Journal, and since this is the first entry of the year, let me take you on a special trip to a place where not many foreigners have traveled to, the ZhangJiaJie.

ZhangJiaJie National Park is situated in the Hunan province, China and it was the first national park ever built in China. It was later popularized because of the movie “Avatar” that took the inspiration from this place to depict the memorable floating Hallelujah mountains as we all saw in the movie. The uniquely formed spires that spread throughout 11,900 acres of this national park makes it one of the most magical landscape you will ever see. The scale of the mountains, and how each and every spires move in parallax as you walk away are astoundingly beautiful that you sometime forget that you are walking and ended up staring at these spires in wonder.

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Avatar’s Mountain or ZhangJiaJie, China: What you need to know before traveling there

Traveling to ZhangJiaJie can be very confusing at first because of the lag of information in English and the not-to-scale English map available online that can throw you off your feet. I have gone through that myself and after experiencing it all first hand, here are the things I wish I knew before traveling to ZhangJiaJie.

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How to Get Lost… More Comfortably while traveling

Getting lost is fun.”, you may have heard this several times from an avid traveler, and I agree wholeheartedly that getting lost in foreign countries is quite an experience, but for a casual traveler, that may not be the case.

Imagine you are in China where no one speaks English, you are lost trying to find your hotel, and it’s getting darker by the minute. That does not sound fun anymore isn’t it? How could getting lost like this be fun? It’s nerve wrecking. Well, this exact scenario happened to me last week when I was traveling around ZhangJiaJie in China, and even though, it was nerve wrecking, I ended up coping with it and embraced it instead. Why? Let me tell you from my experience why getting lost is fun and how you can cope with it without being overwhelming.

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This is Your New Year’s Resolution?
Are you serious?

People, if you are serious about making changes this year, please for the love of yourself write something more specific in your New Year’s resolution. I’m not surprise why the majority never follows through when all they have on their list are goals like "To travel more" or "To Exercise More".

Why can’t they be more specific? Are they so afraid of being accountable or are they not certain they want to do it?

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The Best Inspiring Writing of 2013

We all know how you feed. A busy week meeting family members, preparing for a party at the end of the year. Solitude are unfounded in this time of year. It’s time for you to take a break, sit back and think about what your future holds. Today, we have rounded up the best most inspiring writing we have ever written. I assure you, these blog posts will change how look at life and how you can prepare for the best year ever. Enjoy reading and have a happy healthy 2014!

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The Best of 2013: Travel Stories

As the end of the 2013 draws near, we have decided to put on our thinking hats and rounded up the best content you could find on BucketListly for 2013. The most inspiring photos, the most useful tips, and the most tantalizing bucket list moments of all.

For centuries, humans and travel have always been together ever since the Age of Discovery when European explorers set sailed out toward the unknown. It is in our nature to explore, set foot on strange lands and search for the purpose of the discovery of information.

Through BucketListly, we’ve seen an endless stream of travel inspiration from all over the world. We have seen our users pursuing their dreams relentlessly from small steps like “first time going abroad” to a giant feat like “trekking the Himalayas”.

Below are some of the most popular travel stories that were posted this year.

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