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6 Life Lessons from RPG Games
That Shaped Who I Am

RPG, or roleplaying games are more than just grinding for levels and killing monsters. Despite what most “adult” said about games, RPG games offer kids a glimpse of what real life is like. Even schools don’t prepare us for the real world as well as RPG Games do.

As a young boy who grew up in Thailand in the 90s, my childhood was heavily influenced by the Japanese culture. Games like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun had immense impact on me. What I did not realize until now was how much it had influenced me throughout my adult life. Here are 6 things about RPG games that had helped prepare me for the real world:

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Africa Part 4: Victoria Falls and
Livingstone, Zambia

To learn more about what I went through in Africa, read part 1, part 2 and part 3.

After a long journey through South Africa, we have finally arrived at the last destination of my African trip, 2014. Victoria Falls at Livingstone, Zambia is the place I chose as my final entry to the Solo Traveler’s Journal for Africa. The reason I chose Africa was to see this mighty waterfall with my own 2 eyes and now, from experiencing it first hand, I can say, it was worth the long hours flight from Bangkok.

What is so special about this place? Everything. The sound roaring across the cliffs dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia, the strong current that even avid adventurers will be scared to jump in, the generally friendly people of Zambia, and the opportunity to jump off a 110m high bridge overlooking the Victoria Falls. What more can you ask for a 4 days getaway in Africa?

Still not convince? Scroll down and see for yourself.

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Introducing: Frames

A New Creative Way to Make Your Bucket List Moments Truly Yours

Today is a big day for us as we are showing you what we’ve been working on for the pass few weeks. We are excited to announce a feature call Frames, a new creative way for you to make your bucket list moments truly yours.

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Life Doesn’t Suck.
We Just Suck at Living it

Every time I see people complaining about their lives, how it sucks so bad, or how fucked up of a situation they are in, I clinched a little. People blame life for everything. You got a bad grade from schools, you blame life. You didn’t get the job you wanted, you blame life. You feel like you should earn more, guess what, you blame life.

Life, at its core is simply about survival, but we have grew accustomed to this materialized world where material gains are seen as superior, whereas people who live day by day are seen as inferior. I know this because, I was one of them chasing the "American dream", owning cars, saving money for mortgage, trying to earn as much as I can doing jobs I hate. It was not until I started traveling the world alone that I realized how simple life actually is.

I have been meeting people from around the world, talking about what they do at home, and how they were able to enable such nomadic lifestyles and here are the stories that will change how you look at life:

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Africa Part 3: Blyde River Canyon

Continuing from part 2 where we went on a 4 days safari in the Kruger National Park. On our way back to Johannesburg, we stopped at the Blyde River Canyon as part of the final item in our itinerary provided by Viva Safaris. It was an hour stop and boy, was it a view!

Prior to arriving in Africa, I googled Blyde River Canyon to get some ideas on what to expect, and I saw a photo of a person hanging his legs out on a cliff and that’s when my mind was set, I need to get this picture of myself when I’m there! Mission accomplished!

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Africa Part 2: 4 Days in Kruger National Park with Viva Safaris

As promised, I am now back for another entry of the Solo Traveler’s Journal #8, continuing from our last part cycling through Soweto in Johannesburg.

Today, I will take you on a safari adventure tracking down the big five, feeling the blood rush when a rhino charge towards you out of no where, and 4 nights sleeping on a tree house in the South African bushes (Kruger National Park).

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Africa Part 1: Exploring Soweto on a Bike - Solo Traveler’s Journal #8

Walking on the soil of Africa has been a long time dream of mine. There’s something about Africa that fascinates me ever since I was little. You see photos of rural areas in Kenya in your geography books, and you gotta wonder what a life in Africa is like. On 11th April 2014, my dream had finally come true, as I landed in Johannesburg (Jo’Burg) in South Africa after a whooping 14 hours flight from Bangkok transiting through Mumbai, India.

The first item in my itinerary was to go on a bike tour around Soweto, one of the biggest historical township (slum) in Jo’Burg, South Africa. I wanted to see the true African life up close with no filters and there’s no way to do that in the city unless you come here to Soweto and see for yourself.

I booked a 4 hour bike tour with Soweto Bicycle Tour. The tour costed around R480 (~45USD). They also do pickup from the airport but it costed as much as the tour itself.

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Welcome to Africa
- A Video by BucketListly

Recently, I had an opportunity to finally step foot on African soil as I traveled through South Africa and Zambia for our next entry of the Solo Traveler’s Journal #8.

Why have I always wanted to visit Africa? Well, for one, the best water falls in the world are in this continent. Second of all, the people.

With such tragic histories, one gotta wonder how different their day-to-day lives are compared to life in Asia or in the west. As I biked through Soweto, one of the most populous township in South Africa, the differences were astonishing and yet the people were kind and fun to hang out with. The human spirit in these places are alive and well and that made the trip for me.

During my trip, I decided to take a few footages of what I did along the way with my Sony DSC-RX100 camera to capture everything I could. The result are in the video I posted below:

Looking for more travel videos? Check out our Youtube Channel.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Do you have “Travel to Africa” on your bucket list as well? If you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment below.

Hashtags, Weekly Digest and More

It’s been ages since we last updated you guys about what we’ve been improving with BucketListly. It’s not that we were lazy or anything, but there were so many great updates, we weren’t sure if we would fit them all in one post.

We are committed building this community into one of the most inspiring community in the world, and on top of that, we also believe in being transparent about what we do with the community so we’ll try our best to sum up all the updates in the pass few months. Without further ado, let’s begin with:

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We Travel Alone, NOT to be Alone

More often than not, people like to relate solo travelers as being an introvert, a person with no friends, or just outright crazy. It’s like when we judge a person because he/she went to a cinema alone. I know this because I was one of them, until I saw my dream of traveling around the world shattered in front of me and because of that, began the life of a solo traveler.

After a year of traveling alone, what I discovered were the opposite of what I thought a solo traveler’s life would be like. Traveling alone is lonely? Far from it.

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Africa - Where to Unlock?

Today, we are excited to announce a new series of blog posts called "Where to Unlock?" where we will feature a location that have the most badass goals for you to put on your bucket list. The post will feature all the achievements unlocked by our “Bucketlister” so make sure you share the best content you have ever experience on BucketListly.

For today, that location is.. the Africa. Why Africa? Africa is continent full of history, beautiful unique landscapes, charming people, and best of all, it is the continent less explored. Media may have painted this continent in a bad way, but with our community, you will see the true beauty of this place first hand.

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Happiness is Only Real When Shared
— A Guide to a More Meaningful Solo Travel

As a solo traveler, I can always find happiness within myself. I have spent my fair share of time traveling alone, and enjoying every moment of it. To be able to be comfortable in my own skin, I thought life couldn’t get any happier. From my two previous trips though, I had come to a realization that this is not completely true. Even though the euphoria is there, without someone to share it with, the happiness feels hollow.

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Australia Part 3: The Kings Canyon - Solo Traveler’s Journal #7

Great times don’t last forever, and so here is the final part of my Australian backpacking trip. Continuing from my part 2 post, where we left off after 2 days adventuring around Uluru and the Kata Tjuta.

Today, me and Aurelie (a friend I met along the way) began our journey in a very early morning, where we (once again) were the last to arrive at the coach waiting for us (in our defense, it was 4:30 in the morning!). We took off to a trip I had been anticipating since the beginning, the Rim Walk of the Kings Canyon in the Wataka National Park near Alice Springs. What made this trip so special was that most of the tours I’ve been seem to be catering for casual travelers, not adventurers. This tour however was different and you will see why.

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Get Your Backpack Ready,
Your Bucket List is about to go Mobile

Today, we are excited to officially announce our long anticipated BucketListly iPhone app. As some of you may know, we’ve been testing our app thoroughly for a couple of months now and with the release of version 1.02, we believe it is now ready for prime time.

Download iPhone App

So grab your backpack, and let’s tackle the world with BucketListly. Here are a few things you can do with our app:

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Australia Part 2 - Uluru & the Kata Tjuta
- A Solo Traveler’s Journal #7

Continuing from where we left off on Australia Part 1 photo essay, where I started off my Australian backpacking trip in Sydney, doing urban walks, was mesmerized by the backpacker community, and enjoyed the city life I don’t usually like.

Today, we took off to Ayers Rock where the infamous Uluru mountain is located and answer this question once and for all, "Is Uluru worth a visit?". You will soon realize that Uluru is not just a single rock in the middle of a desert like most locals (who’ve never been there) claimed.

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