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Japan Part 3: Exploring the Wilderness of Nikko

What surprised me most about Japan is how they are able to preserve such a huge areas of nature while they are currently running out of space in cities like Tokyo. If it were other countries, they would have exhausted and exploited the land until there is nothing left.

Nikko is a town serves as a proof that the Japanese know what they are doing since this little town is located just 2 hours away from Tokyo and contains large areas of well preserved forests, mountains, waterfalls and walking trails and hikes for all type of travelers.

When I was planning my trip to Japan, Nikko was an afterthought, but now that I am back, I can say that Nikko is one of the place I enjoyed most and I highly recommend you to give this place a chance.

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Introducing BucketListly Photos

It was not long ago since I first bought a real camera and started capturing little details and moments of the world while traveling solo around Asia.

Photography has always been an after thought for me because with my time spent mostly working on my 2 startups (Travelistly and BucketListly) and with so many photographers already out there I didn’t think it was wise to get into it back then. But as I traveled to places, I realized how naive I was to rely on camera phones to capture one the best moments of my life.

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Japan Part 2: People Watching in Tokyo - Solo Traveler’s Journal #10

And we are back for another entry of the Solo Traveler’s Journal. Continuing from Part 1 where I almost die on Mt Fuji, today, it will be a little less deadly. We will go “people-watching” in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. From quirky culture, hyper fashion, crazy arcade center to a peaceful walk in the park, let’s explore the place where the cool Japanese kids hang out.

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Japan Part 1: How I Almost Died Climbing Mt Fuji - Solo Traveler’s Journal #10

Oh how I wish this was an exaggeration, I really do but it wasn’t. On the 8th July 2014, I embarked on a journey to the land of the rising sun, Japan. One of my main goal was to summit Mt Fuji and experience the best sunrise in all the lands. What I got was no sunrise, a super typhoon (Neoguri), hail with the speed of a bullet, almost got blown off a cliff, numbed face and fingers, and when I arrived at the summit I didn’t even get a chance to see the crater because the wind was too strong to stand up straight and walk.

Nevertheless, I am glad I went for the summit even when I knew that there was a super typhoon and a good chance that I might die. It was a memorable experience and a great reminder of how weak and defenseless we all are among the mountains.

Today, I will relive my experience climbing Mt Fuji in Japan with a photo essay. Enjoy..

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How NOT to Climb Mount Fuji in Japan

On the 9th of July, 2014, I had the opportunity to climb Mt Fuji in Japan as I was traveling around the country. I had been planning the climb a week prior and as I have everything booked and ready, I heard the news that a super typhoon (Neoguri) was on its way to collide with Japan. The news mentioned that it would hit Okinawa and will slow down and disappear by the time it reaches the mainland. I knew that sooner or later, the typhoon will hit Mt Fuji but I was hoping it would hit in the evening when I was already down from the summit and with a less violent wind.

I have never been so wrong. When I was at the mountain hut on the 9th July 2014, the typhoon hit when I was sleeping and as you expected when I woke up at 2 the next morning, I was faced with a life threatening decision, to climb or not to climb. Several people already abandoned their plan at this point. Only me, 2 swedish pals and a british couple were still on the fence about. The staff feared that we will die up there but I was so close to the summit! Only 2 hours of walk, and I would be able to say proudly that I climbed Mt Fuji. The 2 swedish pals and a british couple agreed that we should at least give it ago and if we were unable to climb any longer, we can always turn back, so we went.

After two hours of crawling up Mt Fuji with a wind that could knock me off the cliff in seconds, a hail with the speed of a bullet and a slippery mud that was the current state of the trail, we eventually reached the summit at around 5 - 6 AM. As I was about to get a hyperthermia and the fact that we could no longer walk any further because there were no shelters to protect us from the violent wind of the typhoon, we left after 10 minutes at the summit and climbed down.

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Singapore: The Light, the sound and the food - Solo Traveler’s Journal #9

Singapore is not a type of country I usually visit. As you may have noticed the pattern throughout my solo traveler’s journal, nature played a big part on where I go. I went to Africa because of the Victoria Falls, to Australia because of Uluru, to Nepal because of the Himalayas, but since Singapore is not too far from Bangkok, I decided to give it a go.

During the day, Singapore looks like an ordinary city, the heat was unbearable, and the attraction evolves mostly around shopping or eating. But when at night, the city shines like no other. Their modern architecture combined with all the light and sound they have decorated make a stroll at night a much more enjoyable experience than in other cities.

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The Ultimate Travel & Work Routine:
How I Did It

Many people have claimed that the travel and work lifestyle is either unsustainable or outright impossible. Speaking as someone who had recently quitted his full-time job and had been living without income for 2 months, the idea does seem a little far fetched. It was not until I started to pick up a few work that the idea came back to me and as most passionate people would do, the moment I realized that there is an opportunity to travel, I took it.

Today, I’ll share my experience experimenting on the ultimate travel and work routine I came up with while in Japan and how you can adapt it to your lifestyle.

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6 Life Lessons from RPG Games
That Shaped Who I Am

RPG, or roleplaying games are more than just grinding for levels and killing monsters. Despite what most “adult” said about games, RPG games offer kids a glimpse of what real life is like. Even schools don’t prepare us for the real world as well as RPG Games do.

As a young boy who grew up in Thailand in the 90s, my childhood was heavily influenced by the Japanese culture. Games like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun had immense impact on me. What I did not realize until now was how much it had influenced me throughout my adult life. Here are 6 things about RPG games that had helped prepare me for the real world:

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Africa Part 4: Victoria Falls and
Livingstone, Zambia

To learn more about what I went through in Africa, read part 1, part 2 and part 3.

After a long journey through South Africa, we have finally arrived at the last destination of my African trip, 2014. Victoria Falls at Livingstone, Zambia is the place I chose as my final entry to the Solo Traveler’s Journal for Africa. The reason I chose Africa was to see this mighty waterfall with my own 2 eyes and now, from experiencing it first hand, I can say, it was worth the long hours flight from Bangkok.

What is so special about this place? Everything. The sound roaring across the cliffs dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia, the strong current that even avid adventurers will be scared to jump in, the generally friendly people of Zambia, and the opportunity to jump off a 110m high bridge overlooking the Victoria Falls. What more can you ask for a 4 days getaway in Africa?

Still not convince? Scroll down and see for yourself.

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Introducing: Frames

A New Creative Way to Make Your Bucket List Moments Truly Yours

Today is a big day for us as we are showing you what we’ve been working on for the pass few weeks. We are excited to announce a feature call Frames, a new creative way for you to make your bucket list moments truly yours.

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Life Doesn’t Suck.
We Just Suck at Living it

Every time I see people complaining about their lives, how it sucks so bad, or how fucked up of a situation they are in, I clinched a little. People blame life for everything. You got a bad grade from schools, you blame life. You didn’t get the job you wanted, you blame life. You feel like you should earn more, guess what, you blame life.

Life, at its core is simply about survival, but we have grew accustomed to this materialized world where material gains are seen as superior, whereas people who live day by day are seen as inferior. I know this because, I was one of them chasing the "American dream", owning cars, saving money for mortgage, trying to earn as much as I can doing jobs I hate. It was not until I started traveling the world alone that I realized how simple life actually is.

I have been meeting people from around the world, talking about what they do at home, and how they were able to enable such nomadic lifestyles and here are the stories that will change how you look at life:

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Africa Part 3: Blyde River Canyon

Continuing from part 2 where we went on a 4 days safari in the Kruger National Park. On our way back to Johannesburg, we stopped at the Blyde River Canyon as part of the final item in our itinerary provided by Viva Safaris. It was an hour stop and boy, was it a view!

Prior to arriving in Africa, I googled Blyde River Canyon to get some ideas on what to expect, and I saw a photo of a person hanging his legs out on a cliff and that’s when my mind was set, I need to get this picture of myself when I’m there! Mission accomplished!

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Africa Part 2: 4 Days in Kruger National Park with Viva Safaris

As promised, I am now back for another entry of the Solo Traveler’s Journal #8, continuing from our last part cycling through Soweto in Johannesburg.

Today, I will take you on a safari adventure tracking down the big five, feeling the blood rush when a rhino charge towards you out of no where, and 4 nights sleeping on a tree house in the South African bushes (Kruger National Park).

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Africa Part 1: Exploring Soweto on a Bike - Solo Traveler’s Journal #8

Walking on the soil of Africa has been a long time dream of mine. There’s something about Africa that fascinates me ever since I was little. You see photos of rural areas in Kenya in your geography books, and you gotta wonder what a life in Africa is like. On 11th April 2014, my dream had finally come true, as I landed in Johannesburg (Jo’Burg) in South Africa after a whooping 14 hours flight from Bangkok transiting through Mumbai, India.

The first item in my itinerary was to go on a bike tour around Soweto, one of the biggest historical township (slum) in Jo’Burg, South Africa. I wanted to see the true African life up close with no filters and there’s no way to do that in the city unless you come here to Soweto and see for yourself.

I booked a 4 hour bike tour with Soweto Bicycle Tour. The tour costed around R480 (~45USD). They also do pickup from the airport but it costed as much as the tour itself.

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Welcome to Africa
- A Video by BucketListly

Recently, I had an opportunity to finally step foot on African soil as I traveled through South Africa and Zambia for our next entry of the Solo Traveler’s Journal #8.

Why have I always wanted to visit Africa? Well, for one, the best water falls in the world are in this continent. Second of all, the people.

With such tragic histories, one gotta wonder how different their day-to-day lives are compared to life in Asia or in the west. As I biked through Soweto, one of the most populous township in South Africa, the differences were astonishing and yet the people were kind and fun to hang out with. The human spirit in these places are alive and well and that made the trip for me.

During my trip, I decided to take a few footages of what I did along the way with my Sony DSC-RX100 camera to capture everything I could. The result are in the video I posted below:

Looking for more travel videos? Check out our Youtube Channel.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Do you have “Travel to Africa” on your bucket list as well? If you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment below.